the rabbit and the finish line

Day 30, June 30


Breakfast: 2 scotch eggs, 1 banana, 8 strawberries, half avocado

Lunch: Boring cafeteria salad

Dinner: Roasted rabbit with asparagus, brussel sprouts and carrots.

Impressions: Day 30! I did it, I did it!!! I feel like doing a little jig. Today was surprisingly more difficult than usual. I had to remind myself several times that today is not Day 31. In other news, I made the worst scotch eggs ever. I used the same recipe I used for the meatballs last night, and it was quite ugh. Basically over seasoned for scotch eggs, but fine for meatballs.

Alright, the rabbit: It doesn’t look much different from chicken, but it tasted subtly different. It has a delicate flavor. You might miss it if you’re not looking for it. I cooked it a little drier than I’d have liked because I forgot to set my gas oven 25 degrees lower than the recipe called for. All the same, it wasn’t dry dry, probably because I spent a lot of time basting it. It was quite tasty, really. Here’s my step-by-step(ish).

I layered the veggies in the roasting pan, drizzled a little under 1/8 cup of melted clarified butter over it, sprinkled with salt and pepper, gave it all a good shake, then laid the onion rings over it.


Then I rubbed clarified butter all over the rabbits, sprinkled with salt, pepper, thyme, dried parsley (because I stupidly used all my fresh parsley in my meatball/scotch egg mixture). I noticed they had a tiny little cavity so I stuffed 1 large smashed garlic and a few sage leaves in each one, and 1/6 of a lemon in 1 of them, just as a tester. I laid the rabbits in the pan and sprinkled some more sage and onions over them because I had just noticed that sage smells amazing, and I needed to use the leftover half onion, and I figured neither would hurt the flavor of the rabbits.


I loosely covered the pan with foil and threw the lot of it in a 325 degree fahrenheit oven for an hour and a half (basting every 15 minutes or so), turning the temp up to 450 for the last 15 minutes to give it a nice gold-brown tone. That reddish-looking part sticking out is the neck (not the butt). I didn’t bother to cut it off. The asparagus is obviously a quite overcooked, but the other veggies surprisingly held their own.


That’s it! Not very difficult. I think some dry white wine would have cooked nicely with this, as well as some mushrooms. I have a good mind to make some soup too, but I’ll probably be too lazy. Yay! Whole 30 done!!! I hope you guys will continue to follow me on my weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey. Other than having a semi-stalker trainer, knowing that there are people who read this keeps me accountable.



no witty title

Day 29, June 29


Breakfast: Fruit plate with 2 boiled eggs. These organic strawberries are delicious.

Lunch: Yesterday’s leftover chicken and spare ribs, with a simple salad – spinach+spring mix, tomatoes, avocado, olive oil+lime, salt+pepper.

Dinner: Pasta sauce and meatballs over zucchini spaghetti.

Impressions: I ate pretty well today, and spent most of the day cooking. I know I was supposed to write about the rabbit but that was a bit of an ordeal and I didn’t get to eat it today… so I’ll write and put up pictures tomorrow. I’ve cooked everything for this week already. I hope to achieve this every weekend but it hasn’t happened until now. I’m paying for it in exhaustion, but I think I’ll live. There’s no chance I’m making it to the gym tomorrow, though. It’s just as well since I want to weigh in on Tuesday, anyway. I anticipate pleasant surprises from the scale and tape measure.

I totally botched the zucchini at dinner. I was aiming to just dry it out in the pan, but it kept getting softer. I put the sauce in the plan and cooked both together on high heat just to heat through. It didn’t taste bad but it certainly wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. Also, I think I should have used at least 2 zucchinis. I used 1 and was hungry an hour later. Not good.

I feel like tomorrow is Christmas Eve. You know…not a real holiday but a day when you should leave work early, come home and bounce around in anticipation of the next day. 1 day to go! 😀


oh she glows

Day 28, June 28

Post workout meal: 1 avocado. I was going to drink the rest of my almond milk but its useful life was over.

Brunch: Grilled chicken and spare ribs from the only restaurant I know that doesn’t put barbecue sauce on its barbecue.

Dinner: 3 scrambled eggs and 1 roasted plantain; sparkling water with lime slices for a little fancy drink.

Impressions: Yay for working out today. The trainer wanted me to do 15 burpees between each set but I only did 5. Dude is crazy. I didn’t put all my energy into it today, but I think it went ok.

For next week I’m thinking about trying that zucchini spaghetti that people have been talking about. I also bought a few things for my dairy reintroduction. 2 small yoghurts, 1 of those little Haagen-Dazs ice cream cups, and a bit of chocolate. Is it ok that I’m really excited by this? (Yes, it is, spoilsports!) On the 4th, I can’t decide whether to reintroduce gluten grains (bread) or gluten-free grains (rice), but I bought some Kerrygold butter because I think I see white bread in my future. I have a few days to decide. It was only a little difficult not to snack on any of that stuff as I was putting it away.I think I’ll survive until Tuesday.

I was also planning to roast a chicken this week, but I found some rabbit so I thought I’d try that instead. Who knew my regular old grocery store would sell rabbit? I’ve never cooked it before but the entire online foodie world agreed that parsley, bay leaf and sage would be good spice choices. I’m pretty excited about it so I’ll be writing all about that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, my face was bloody glowing today!! I felt like I HAD to complement all that glowsomeness with some eye liner and lip gloss, even though I was only going to the grocery store. How is this even possible with just changes to my food? I don’t know when I’m going to stop being amazed.


Day 27, June 27

Breakfast: Veggie omelette (spinach, onions, mushrooms, red pepeprs) and med-large fruit bowl (cantaloupe, honeydew, kiwi, watermelon).

Lunch: Late lunch – efo riro over cauliflower.

Dinner: Banana 😦

Impressions: My timing for everything was out of whack today, so 4/5pm lunch, and banana at 11 or so. Hot lady from work told me my skin was glowing. Yay! My wristwatch can now fit (snugly) on the next hole in the strap. Yay! Isn’t this amazing? I wore a sleeveless shirt today without feeling super self conscious about it, even though my arms aren’t any smaller. I realize now that because I feel better I really don’t care what anyone thinks. Does that make sense? I suppose this is what people call better self esteem? Not that I think I have self esteem issues. But maybe I do/did. A little bit. Perhaps. I can’t wait to weigh in on Tuesday! Now that I want to look at my body all the time, I’m going to buy a full length mirror. What woman doesn’t own a full length mirror?! Ok, ok, (slight) self esteem issues. Whatever.

un-hibachi hibachi (you can dine out on the whole30)

Day 26, June 26

Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs (bloody delicious with a little almond milk scrambled in), 3 slim carrot sticks, half avocado.

Lunch: Veggie omelette from cafeteria + half avocado. I felt a little queasy in my stomach after I ate this, so I won’t be doing that anymore.

Dinner: “Hibachi”-style steak and veggies.

Impressions: In these last few days, I’ve got a lot of temptation. There was root beer and ice cream at work today, I ran into some chocolate cake and mini cheesecake bites at the cafe too. It wasn’t hard to say no, but drinking root beer while watching the match would have been nice. And it certainly wasn’t as hard as saying no to chocolate the other day. I didn’t even know I liked chocolate that much. I’ve been invited to a hibachi place tonight. At first I wasn’t going to go, but one of the other people seems to really want me to come, so I’ve called the restaurant ahead and they said they can cook with only salt and pepper. They cook in vegetable oil, so whatever. Can’t be picky. Plus it was just easier to say I can’t eat soy. The whole thing is kind of un-hibachi, but perhaps the company will be much better than the food.

Update: Un-hibachi hibachi turned out ok, actually. I was pleasantly surprised. They only seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper (or so they said), but it still tasted good. The veggies just tasted like veggies. Some herbs may have been nice. I’d never have thought that I could go into an Asian restaurant and eat no rice, noodles or soy, or that weird sweetish sauce they put on everything.

I’m trying to get one of my coworkers on board with the Whole30. She’s 48 and actually quite hot. However, she’s been complaining about gaining a few pounds recently, so I asked her to give it a try. If she doesn’t back out, we’re planning to start July 7. Not another Whole30!

fat is good for your heart (and for your waistline)

Day 25, June 25

Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs, 2 carrot sticks, 1 banana and half avocado.

Lunch: Boring cafeteria salad with half avocado.

Dinner: Efo riro over cauliflower.

Impressions: The chocolate was offered again today, and today my “no” was so much easier.

I felt pretty full after my large breakfast, and a tad sleepy for a short while, but it paid off. I wasn’t hungry until lunch, and after lunch I wasn’t hungry until I was almost home. Bigger breakfast = full even in the afternoon. More fat during the day = fuller longer. I’m really drinking the Whole30 kool-aid now! Dinner filled my plate tonight. At first I thought it was too big, but it was literally veggies, protein and fat, so I feel just okay.

I was supposed to work out today but my workout buddy flaked on me. I haven’t felt like working out much this week. It must be PMS. Tomorrow would have been ideal, but I need to go in to work pretty early. 5 days to go!


day of temptation

Day 24, June 24

Breakfast: Same as yesterday, without the excitement. Kinda tired of it now.

Lunch: Not-so-boring salad from cafeteria.

Dinner: Efo riro with plantain amala. A few dried apple slices for dessert.

Impressions: Even though I used a smaller plantain, it was still too much. Didn’t finish it. Next time I’ll use half of a large plantain. Today was quite interesting. A colleague was sent a large sheet of milk chocolate. This was TEMPTING. I miss chocolate. Last week I was on Lindt’s website, tempted to order chocolate for Day 31. Today, I was tempted to take some and freeze it for later, or just to put a tiny little piece in my mouth, but I said no no no, I don’t need it. Fast forward to the afternoon. We had an office-wide meeting, and they gave out ice cream sandwiches. ICE CREAM SANDWICHES. Wasn’t I just talking about ice cream yesterday? It took everything in me not to have one. If this week had been next week, that wouldn’t have happened.

I finished the book today, and most of the stuff in it makes sense. It was worth the read to know how imbalances are created, but some parts of it were “based on experience”, etc, which can be argued. Science can also be argued but I don’t read enough science material to have arguments for it. All in all, it was quite informative. I was particularly interested in the reintroduction part, so I was glad I got to that. I think my biggest argument with the book is at one point they refer to a “sexy apple shape”. I absolutely disagree that the apple shape is sexy. Pear shaped people look better without even trying. I have a friend who also wears a size 14, but gains weight in her hips and thighs. We could wear the same dress, and she would automatically look hotter because she has a slimmer waist, smaller arms and smaller boobs. Anyway forget all that. I’ve definitely drank the Whole30 water. You can’t tell me anything wrong about it.

In terms of diet stuff, I still find myself super hungry around 4/4:30. After reading the book, I think I need to adjust my meals – bigger lunch, smaller dinner. And I definitely need to introduce more fat into my lunch so I can stay fuller longer. I need to work on shifting my mind to stop thinking I need something sweet after something savory (i.e. dessert after dinner). On a different note, I’m looking forward to eating eggs again, and it’s been at least a week since I had avocado. Can’t wait until breakfast!

Good news: Someone told me I look slimmer today. Yay!