so this is my first blog…

…and it’s about me and the struggle joy learning experience of my first Whole30. I’m a neophyte to blogging so forgive my naiveté and general tenderfoot behavior.

First, the Whole30 is basically a diet to help you find what foods cause you trouble. For 30 days, you eliminate carbs, sugar, legumes, dairy and alcohol and you eat a lot of proteins, vegetables, healthy fats, and some fruit. After the 30 days you reintroduce the food groups, one at a time, into your diet, to determine how your body reacts. You can more read about it here.

Me, I’m mostly doing it to lose weight and cut out sugar. I’m female, 5’5″, 27, 210 pounds. My BMI, I think, is like 34. I’ve gained 20 lbs in the last year (left grad school and started a desk job), and I’d like to lose that, as a start. 20 pounds! Craziness.

Anyway that’s just information to get us started, since you don’t know me and I don’t know you 😉

Today is Day 8. I’ve begun my second week! The first week was crazy. I got my period on Day 1! Talk about a downer. My mood wasn’t more terrible than usual, but being hormonal and changing my diet in the same week caused me to be tired the entire week. Last Saturday, I did my groceries for the week.. For the sake of organization, I’ll use headings to highlight my meals.

Days 1 – 3

Breakfast (days 1 – 3): This delicious spinach beef frittata.

Breakfast (days 4and 5): I made some sort of a pottage with sweet potatoes, sardines, tomatoes and spinach, seasoned with garlic, ginger and salt. It was ok, but the recipe isn’t really worth it. I’ll only make it again if I’m starving and need to eat something without thinking very much.

Lunch: I relied on having the strength to make a salad for 4 days straight from the salad bar at work :/ I had to get pretty creative with the limited options, but it worked out! I also had some coconut meat for “dessert”.

Dinner: My own made-up recipe! I’m calling it Coconut Garlic Creamy Chicken Delight. I’ll put up a link up to a deconstructed recipe later. Paired it with different made up salads, the best of which were spinach/avocado/tomato and arugula/avocado/tomato/pecan, both with lemon/olive oil/balsamic dressing. (You’ll soon learn how much I love avocado!)

Impressions: I discovered along the way (on day 2 or so) that my go-to seasoned salt has sugar in it, so I have to cut it out for the rest of this journey.  At the end of Day 2, I started getting the headaches, and that lasted until the early part of day 4. This is normal according to the Whole30 Timeline. It literally felt like a hangover. I was immensely tired all week, and, especially in the afternoon, my head and eyes felt hazy. I snacked the first couple days, but after reading a couple support blogs and forums, I tested the theory of eating a heavier breakfast to avoid getting hungry later (hence the sweet potatoes). This seemed to work ok. I still get hungry around 4:30/5pm, but now I know that’s genuine hunger and not it-feels-like-it’s-time-to-eat “hunger”. I try to hold out until I get home around 7, or I have a few cashews and almonds.

Friday aka Day 6, June 6

Breakfast: 3 eggs fried in coconut oil, and Monkey Salad by Good Cheap Eats.

Snack: Coconut meat

Lunch: I got out early so I had lunch at home (leftover chicken and salad).

Dinner: Another created-by-me recipe! Stuffed peppers with lamb, eggplant, roasted grapes, and zucchini. I should probably post this recipe later too. I had 1 stuffed pepper and didn’t feel satisfied, so I ate a small chicken salad while I was out.

Impressions: My stuffed peppers were amazing! The textures didn’t come together exactly as I would have liked, but I tried out new things (eggplant, roasted grapes), and the flavors were amazing. If nothing else, I have good instincts for spices. toot toot! In other news, though, going out was hard. A friend and I went to a sports bar to watch the Mexico vs Portugal pre World Cup friendly. I ate my lame salad while I watched him eat delicious-looking wings. I drank a club soda with lemon and lime 😦

Day 7, June 7

Brunch: Stuffed pepper on a bed of arugula and 1 avocado

Dinner: Stuffed pepper on a bed of arugula, 1/2 avocado and a some pecans

Snack: 1 Anjou pear

Impressions: This was my first day working out since the start of this program. It was hard because I hadn’t worked out in 2 weeks, plus I don’t think I had as much energy to keep going as I’d usually have had. I took a nap, and when I woke up I had so much energy. I did some stuff around the house, and then planned my meals for the week, then went grocery shopping at about 8pm. I was happy to find a small bottle of clarified butter (aka ghee) (the only permitted dairy product) at Trader Joe’s. This means I don’t have to cook everything in coconut oil anymore, even though I didn’t mind it much. But I’m napptural. My coconut oil is precious! I also found some sugar free prosciutto. For all the Whole30/Paleo hype I read about Applegate Organics products, the bacon and things contained sugar, so I couldn’t buy them. I still had some energy when I got home around 10, so I swept my apartment, cleaned out the refrigerator a bit, and put my groceries away. I was ravenous after this, so I ate the pear.

This has been a long post. I’ll conclude by saying on Friday night, I dreamt of sweet rolls. They looked just like this.


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