dieting blues and other stories

Day 11, June 11


Breakfast: Prosciutto and mixed greens scrambled with eggs + half avocado. I’ve decided that I absolutely hate prosciutto, but the veggies came out better.

Lunch: Steak salad with 1 avocado.

Dinner: Lamb burger on a bed of boiled plantains with caramelized onions and mushrooms


Impressions: A very difficult day. I talked a lot about my diet because someone brought cupcakes to work and I didn’t have any. Of course people asked why, etc. I always eat the goodies. That sounded wrong. I definitely had some indigestion today, and I felt slightly bloated after lunch. Additionally, I struggled with boredom hunger and restlessness all afternoon. I had eaten 2 good meals so I knew I wasn’t hungry, but I needed something to focus on other than work. My usual distraction would have been a walk to the cafe, where I would chat with the cafe lady about how I really shouldn’t be eating this granola bar or drinking this mocha latte. We would both talk about how we’re addicted to certain things, then I’d bring my snack and beverage/yoghurt back to my desk. Instead, I sat here and bopped my leg up and down with vigorous intent while trying to focus on the things I needed to accomplish. Fail. To top it off I left work late, had to stop by the grocery store, then got home and made lamb burgers and plantain. It was good, but between caramelizing and all, I certainly used more than 1 meal portion of fat. I somehow didn’t get done till after 10pm. Late dinner. I was exhausted and was in bed by 11. I started giving some thought to Day 31 and beyond, and how I want to incorporate this into my daily life. I’ve had so many suggestions, but I need to figure out what’s right for me and what I can stick with.

As a side note, I really hate receiving weight loss tips from skinny people who have never had to lose a pound in their life. “You should park at the end of the lot”, “Jog to your car when you come out of the building”, “My friend said she replaced 2 meals with Kashi Go Lean cereal” and the worst one of all, “If you just take the stairs”. More like if you just locate a chair and have a seat!


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