no-show trainer

Day 16, June 16


Breakfast: Yesterday’s frittata.

Lunch: Salad – spring mix + spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, banana. Banana > dressing.

Dinner: Super duper cauliflower fried rice with cashews!!!!! I looked forward to this all day.

Impressions: I just had to post another picture of my dinner. I know I have all these colorful plates from the 90s. This green one is my favorite.

I woke up at 5:30 to go to the gym, got there at 6 and waited… and waited… and waited… ok, I only waited for 10 – 12 minutes lol. Dude didn’t show up. An extra hour of sleep thrown away. His partner called me later to say he had been in the hospital all night with some sort of food poisoning. I had some empathy, but I also thought…that’s the kind of thing I’d say if I forgot my homework was due and skipped class to do it. Anyway we’re meeting tomorrow at 5:30am. I’m so ambitious.

The results of my biometric test came in. I already knew they wouldn’t be good, but I still had a downhearted moment.

I spent some time reading about other people’s Whole30 experiences today, and I’m anxious/sad/worried that I haven’t lost any weight or experienced any of the more apparent advertised benefits. Sometimes I feel that I should look slimmer, based on the way I feel, but obviously the mirror disagrees. I have to say my nails have been growing really well, though, except for the small portion I grated along with the cauliflower yesterday 😉 At their current length, I’d usually have had breakage. I’m happy to have longer nails, but I’d sooner have a slimmer waistline. A work buddy invited me to go running. Huh? I don’t run! We compromised on run-jog-walking, so I’ll be doing that tomorrow after work. The thought of my mid-run panting already embarrasses me.


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