farm fresh and sugar free

Day 18, June 18

Breakfast: Veggie omelette and fruit bowl from cafeteria.

Lunch: Salad from cafeteria with grapes and bananas.

Dinner: Curry chicken and steamed cabbage from Whole Foods, plus cashews.

Impressions: Since I didn’t get any sleep last night, I was all sorts of tired all day. Thank goodness for iced tea. In addition to my feet, my calves and shins hurt, and walking was laborious, but I got through the day. From the farmers’ market at work, I got some fresh eggs, and after work I went to Whole Foods to see if I could find some sugar-free pork, and I did! It was the only one they had in the store, and it was some sort of chorizo sausage. Yay! I also got dinner from their hot bar. The lady who was serving the food was kind enough to read me the ingredients on their curry, so I knew it was sugar free and flour free.

My observations about farm fresh eggs vs store bought organic: a) the farm fresh eggs were all different shapes, colors and sizes (much like real people and real chickens); b) the farm fresh eggs were tougher to crack; and c) the farm fresh eggs had bigger, healthier looking yolks. With my newly acquired eggs and sausage, I made another frittata. The sausage made it taste like pizza. It was really good.

I massaged my feet again with the lacrosse ball. The swelling in the left foot had gone down, but the foot was still quite tense. The right foot was only marginally better, but I was able to sleep.


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