the skirt test

Day 23, June 23

Breakfast: 1 cup cereal, 1 banana, almond milk 😀

Lunch: Boring salad – veggies in the cafeteria looked so sad today.

Dinner: Efo riro over steamed cauliflower

Impressions: I really enjoyed dinner. The texture of the cauliflower was identical to eating yams or some other firm carbohydrate. Plus this efo is just amazing. I was really hungry by the time I got home, and I can’t decide whether I ate too much or not. Work buddy and I took a little walk at lunch time, and that was nice. Just a stroll, really, but it felt quite relaxing. I found myself feeling quite restless towards the late afternoon, itching to get off my desk or leave work. Is this my body seeking more activity? Also, over the last few days, I’ve been breaking out. Does anybody know more about all this stuff and the way my body is reacting?

Meanwhile, I was dying to weigh myself and check my progress this morning, but then I had an idea that’s within the rules. There’s this skirt I bought last summer, and the last 2 times I’ve tried to wear it, it wouldn’t zip up. There was a big gap (somewhere between 1 and 2 inches) of skin between the two sides of the zipper. This morning, I tried it on, and IT FIT!!!!!! It was a bit snug, yes, but I could zip it up. I couldn’t tuck anything into it or I’d have looked like an onion, but I was just so happy that it fit. It validates good eating exercise. I’m literally preaching Whole30 now. Not just for the weight loss, but for the way I feel. I feel happier. I’m waking up earlier. I have more energy. I’m enjoying making all these meals (sometimes). Although I’m looking forward to ice cream, I’m not craving it. I know I can do without it. When I do eat it (next weekend, hopefully! lol), it won’t control me. Ok, ok, you get it. I started reading It Starts With Food, and while I don’t think I was the worst eater in the world before this, I definitely recognize that I was largely a stress eater, and somewhat of a comfort eater, and I understand some of the imbalances I caused my body. Reading the book has been worth it, despite my initial misgivings.

I’ve exuded enough excitement, happiness, and good cheer for one day, don’t you think?


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