day of temptation

Day 24, June 24

Breakfast: Same as yesterday, without the excitement. Kinda tired of it now.

Lunch: Not-so-boring salad from cafeteria.

Dinner: Efo riro with plantain amala. A few dried apple slices for dessert.

Impressions: Even though I used a smaller plantain, it was still too much. Didn’t finish it. Next time I’ll use half of a large plantain. Today was quite interesting. A colleague was sent a large sheet of milk chocolate. This was TEMPTING. I miss chocolate. Last week I was on Lindt’s website, tempted to order chocolate for Day 31. Today, I was tempted to take some and freeze it for later, or just to put a tiny little piece in my mouth, but I said no no no, I don’t need it. Fast forward to the afternoon. We had an office-wide meeting, and they gave out ice cream sandwiches. ICE CREAM SANDWICHES. Wasn’t I just talking about ice cream yesterday? It took everything in me not to have one. If this week had been next week, that wouldn’t have happened.

I finished the book today, and most of the stuff in it makes sense. It was worth the read to know how imbalances are created, but some parts of it were “based on experience”, etc, which can be argued. Science can also be argued but I don’t read enough science material to have arguments for it. All in all, it was quite informative. I was particularly interested in the reintroduction part, so I was glad I got to that. I think my biggest argument with the book is at one point they refer to a “sexy apple shape”. I absolutely disagree that the apple shape is sexy. Pear shaped people look better without even trying. I have a friend who also wears a size 14, but gains weight in her hips and thighs. We could wear the same dress, and she would automatically look hotter because she has a slimmer waist, smaller arms and smaller boobs. Anyway forget all that. I’ve definitely drank the Whole30 water. You can’t tell me anything wrong about it.

In terms of diet stuff, I still find myself super hungry around 4/4:30. After reading the book, I think I need to adjust my meals – bigger lunch, smaller dinner. And I definitely need to introduce more fat into my lunch so I can stay fuller longer. I need to work on shifting my mind to stop thinking I need something sweet after something savory (i.e. dessert after dinner). On a different note, I’m looking forward to eating eggs again, and it’s been at least a week since I had avocado. Can’t wait until breakfast!

Good news: Someone told me I look slimmer today. Yay!


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