fat is good for your heart (and for your waistline)

Day 25, June 25

Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs, 2 carrot sticks, 1 banana and half avocado.

Lunch: Boring cafeteria salad with half avocado.

Dinner: Efo riro over cauliflower.

Impressions: The chocolate was offered again today, and today my “no” was so much easier.

I felt pretty full after my large breakfast, and a tad sleepy for a short while, but it paid off. I wasn’t hungry until lunch, and after lunch I wasn’t hungry until I was almost home. Bigger breakfast = full even in the afternoon. More fat during the day = fuller longer. I’m really drinking the Whole30 kool-aid now! Dinner filled my plate tonight. At first I thought it was too big, but it was literally veggies, protein and fat, so I feel just okay.

I was supposed to work out today but my workout buddy flaked on me. I haven’t felt like working out much this week. It must be PMS. Tomorrow would have been ideal, but I need to go in to work pretty early. 5 days to go!



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