un-hibachi hibachi (you can dine out on the whole30)

Day 26, June 26

Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs (bloody delicious with a little almond milk scrambled in), 3 slim carrot sticks, half avocado.

Lunch: Veggie omelette from cafeteria + half avocado. I felt a little queasy in my stomach after I ate this, so I won’t be doing that anymore.

Dinner: “Hibachi”-style steak and veggies.

Impressions: In these last few days, I’ve got a lot of temptation. There was root beer and ice cream at work today, I ran into some chocolate cake and mini cheesecake bites at the cafe too. It wasn’t hard to say no, but drinking root beer while watching the match would have been nice. And it certainly wasn’t as hard as saying no to chocolate the other day. I didn’t even know I liked chocolate that much. I’ve been invited to a hibachi place tonight. At first I wasn’t going to go, but one of the other people seems to really want me to come, so I’ve called the restaurant ahead and they said they can cook with only salt and pepper. They cook in vegetable oil, so whatever. Can’t be picky. Plus it was just easier to say I can’t eat soy. The whole thing is kind of un-hibachi, but perhaps the company will be much better than the food.

Update: Un-hibachi hibachi turned out ok, actually. I was pleasantly surprised. They only seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper (or so they said), but it still tasted good. The veggies just tasted like veggies. Some herbs may have been nice. I’d never have thought that I could go into an Asian restaurant and eat no rice, noodles or soy, or that weird sweetish sauce they put on everything.

I’m trying to get one of my coworkers on board with the Whole30. She’s 48 and actually quite hot. However, she’s been complaining about gaining a few pounds recently, so I asked her to give it a try. If she doesn’t back out, we’re planning to start July 7. Not another Whole30!


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