no witty title

Day 29, June 29


Breakfast: Fruit plate with 2 boiled eggs. These organic strawberries are delicious.

Lunch: Yesterday’s leftover chicken and spare ribs, with a simple salad – spinach+spring mix, tomatoes, avocado, olive oil+lime, salt+pepper.

Dinner: Pasta sauce and meatballs over zucchini spaghetti.

Impressions: I ate pretty well today, and spent most of the day cooking. I know I was supposed to write about the rabbit but that was a bit of an ordeal and I didn’t get to eat it today… so I’ll write and put up pictures tomorrow. I’ve cooked everything for this week already. I hope to achieve this every weekend but it hasn’t happened until now. I’m paying for it in exhaustion, but I think I’ll live. There’s no chance I’m making it to the gym tomorrow, though. It’s just as well since I want to weigh in on Tuesday, anyway. I anticipate pleasant surprises from the scale and tape measure.

I totally botched the zucchini at dinner. I was aiming to just dry it out in the pan, but it kept getting softer. I put the sauce in the plan and cooked both together on high heat just to heat through. It didn’t taste bad but it certainly wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. Also, I think I should have used at least 2 zucchinis. I used 1 and was hungry an hour later. Not good.

I feel like tomorrow is Christmas Eve. You know…not a real holiday but a day when you should leave work early, come home and bounce around in anticipation of the next day. 1 day to go! 😀


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