reintroduction 1: dairy

Breakfast: 1 banana, 8 strawberries, 1 delicious yoghurt.

Snack: 1 banana

Lunch: Large cafeteria salad with a little cheese (maybe 1 tablespoon) sprinkled over it.

Dinner: Same as last night, still delicious.

Dessert: Haagen-Dazs small strawberry cup, whipped cream, 6 Lindt chocolate truffles.

The Experience: It seems I didn’t miss yoghurt that much. When I started eating it, I didn’t feel that omg I want this so much feeling. I could easily do without it going forward. To think this was something I thought was fairly difficult to give up. I also didn’t miss cheese on salad. I don’t think that’s something I would have done before anyway, but I didn’t think I’d mind it. It just tasted wrong. Maybe if it weren’t shredded it would have seemed better. Certainly not doing that anymore.

We had a little office breakfast today. Prior to the start, I had decided that the only things that would be worth it were either a croissant or an apple danish. Neither of those things was available. The fresh bagels looked good, and the cream cheese flavors looked delicious, but all in all I kept thinking about the treats I had waiting at home and the 10 pounds I lost over the past month. That’s right. 10 pounds! I weighed in at 199.8 this morning, and I’ve lost 1.25 – 1.5 inches in each place I measured (bust, waist, hips). Today I measured a few extra places so I can compare for next time. Last night, I decided that I’d be happy if I had lost 5 pounds, 6 was the most I thought I could actually lose on this plan, as I haven’t exercised all that much. This really makes me happy.

Since I lost more weight than I imagined, I have to revise my previous weight loss goal. Essentially, between now and the end of my next Whole30 (August 5), I want to a) lose 10 more pounds; and b) exercise 4 times a week, including 1 day of laps in the pool. I bought this groupon for a gym with a pool ages ago, specifically for the summer, and it’s almost expired so I need to go sign up! I know it’s going to be harder since I’m starting from a different place than where I was a month ago, but now I know it’s achievable if I put in the work. This will mean that I’ve reached my first goal in 2 months. In my head, that’s still impossible.

Especially as I apparently am no good with days off. I went a little overboard with my dairy reintroduction at dinnertime lol. But whatever. Almost totally guilt free, only because I knew I didn’t want the ice cream as soon as I started eating it. It tasted much sweeter than I remember, and I would have preferred a more wholesome flavor, like coffee. And I only meant to eat 3 truffles, but they were so delicious. I ate the first three quite hurriedly then spent a lot of time savoring the rest. I’ve looked forward to today for a while.

I finally bought my full length mirror, so I’ll have some before-ish and after pics. Not up here, of course. Well maybe one day, when there’s a real “after” to show. Do I have to buy a bikini like one of those TV commercials? Lol. Might not be fun but it will be funny!


3 thoughts on “reintroduction 1: dairy

  1. B says:

    10 pounds!!!! That’s AWESOME, D! Super proud. Keep working hard 🙂 Now I’m extra inspired to find a gym for my tummy situation.

    Also, too lazy to look this up, but how doesn’t reintroducing bad things to your diet defeat the purpose?

    • In an ideal world, the reintroduction part of the Whole30 is to monitor how your body reacts to certain food groups. For example, I already know that eating beans, chickpeas, etc makes me incredibly bloated, so by default I stay away from it, unless it’s ewa aganyin, which I think is totally worth feeling like Violet Beauregard. My sister, on the other hand, has serious digestive issues with milk/lactose, but she’ll (seldomly) deal with it for butter pecan ice cream or a strawberry milkshake. Some of these things we already know, but there are other things that affect us negatively that we may not know about. Reintroducing one thing at a time helps identify what those things are as well as their effect on you. I was really particular about dairy because I thought I might be slightly lactose intolerant, but obviously I overdid it a bit. I threw out of the rest of the chocolate this morning because I had 2 more after I posted last night, and I was tempted to have 1 with breakfast.

      Also, unless you’re a real caveman, you’re probably not going to live Whole365. So when I’m not on the Whole30, I want to know whether what I’m eating is going to bring me serious discomfort. Prior to this, I thought cooked tomatoes (pasta sauce/stew) gave me heartburn, but I’ve had it a few times in the last month without consequence. Now I wonder if it’s the rice/pasta rather than the sauce, so I’m going to test that on Friday. Also, I thought I got indigestion and bad fart from beef (I know, tmi), but it hasn’t turned out to be so. Perhaps it was whatever was in the cow. I don’t know. If there’s something I don’t love that makes me less healthy, I can skip it all together, but if it’s ewa aganyin that I only eat once or twice a year, I can make a guilt-free decision to enjoy it when I get the opportunity. On the other hand, if that thing is freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream, I have to abstain more consciously.

      Did I digress? The idea of the reintroduction is to include a small portion (not 8 truffles, ice cream and whipped cream) of the non-Whole30 compliant item in each meal for a day, and observe for the following 2 days. Like a science experiment with the Whole30 as a control. From what I’ve read, some people have made interesting discoveries doing this. One woman said she reacted negatively to turnips. (Really, turnips?) But the idea is to know for the future and know the severity of the reaction. Also, not everyone does this diet to lose weight; people have all sorts of physical conditions and they’ve found the Whole30 to help alleviate their symptoms. This is kind of a long comment response. Shouldn’t you have saved me the trouble and googled this? 😉

  2. B says:

    Let’s just say you have ALSO inspired me to work on my dissertation. I am obv dysfunctional if you can devote so much time and energy to a comment while I, underachiever that I am, would rather feign carpal tunnel syndrome 🙂 LOL. Thanks, D. Makes perfect sense xoxo

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