starting anew?

Sorry I’ve been MIA. The holiday weekend was quite engaging, and I’ve found that it’s pretty difficult to eat healthily around family. Oh, try some weird delicious pizza things that have no cheese or tomato or anything remotely pizza-ish, other than bread. Oh, yeah. I ate a lot of bread. I ate so much bread, I was satisfied. There’s no other way to explain that. I got to a point where I felt that I’d had just enough bread. Bread satiety, if you will.

Other than eating a lot of “less healthy” foods and running away from kids with water guns, I spent some time thinking about how I want to move on with this blog. I’ve grown quite bored of logging my daily meals and talking about how I feel. With my second Whole30 (Whole33) starting today, I doubt that I’m going to feel any different from last time or eat many different or new things. I’m having a hard time thinking up ideas for how to keep this interesting. Should I focus more on posting recipes or talking about my workout routines? How do I focus on writing about healthy weight loss with the Whole30 as a means to an end? How did I get sucked into this writing thing anyway? I still want to log my meals, because that has been helpful to me, but I don’t want to bore myself, or all the people not reading this. Lol.

By the way, I’ve been constipated since the day I ate all that dairy stuff. Is that lactose intolerance? All the people I know who are lactose intolerant either get bloated or get bad gas or are knotted in their tummies. Not I! Wasn’t I just fine when I was eating 1 yoghurt per day? Where did that go? To be fair, I ate more dairy this weekend that I have in any other weekend in the history of my adult life that I can recall. Still, it’s not the reaction I expected :/


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