day 9. trying to be better.

It was a crazy weekend. Lots of driving, not enough rest, and lots of hunger. I’ve been eating out quite a bit too. Lots of meat, not enough veggies, but sticking with the plan still. I’m hoping to cook tomorrow, because I’d like to have more control over spices and oil that I’ve had in the last few days.

Friday: veggie omelette and fruit; salad; tapas for dinner (lots of meat, plus a salad). It was difficult to eat out this time. Options were really limited, sometimes only by the condiments or because I didn’t know what exactly something was. (What’s truffle oil?) I woke up with a hangover headache the next day. I wasn’t sure if it was because I wasn’t getting enough nutrients or because there may have been sugar in the seasoning. But everything is a little better with some avocado. I used to say that about wine, and about bourbon. How I miss you!

Saturday: cauliflower fried rice; 4 eggs and an avocado; lots of grilled chicken/guinea fowl and 1 grilled plantain. Dinner was at a birthday do, and I didn’t really have a “meal”. I picked on the meat throughout the time I was there, which is very un-whole30. I did stay away from the rice and corn and ribs and such, though. It was pretty hard. And there was red velvet cake and wine, although I wasn’t as tempted. The most tempting thing was probably the grilled corn.

Sunday: crab/avocado/asparagus omelette; chicken and ribs; cobb salad without bacon, blue cheese or dressing (I feel like I’ve insulted the cobb). I really felt like I was lacking veggies. The salad only had romaine. It was a really late dinner and I went to bed shortly after.

Today: veggie omelette and fruit; yummy salad with banana; snacked on another banana and almonds; bbq chicken and beef ribs from that place that barbecues without bbq sauce, plus cashews. I was really hungry throughout the day. I really have to incorporate more fat or starchy veg into breakfast.

I don’t think I’ve put as much effort into this Whole30 as I did in the last one. This past weekend I couldn’t think of one thing I wanted to cook. I got the idea to try out some porridge with unripe plantains. Not sure how the coconut oil will go, but if I do it I’ll post pics.

All in all, completely dedicated or not, I wore a peplum blouse today that was slightly loose at the waist and made the waist line quite unflattering, just hanging about weirdly.

I’m going to do better.



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