gas, gas, gas

A good amount of gas and bloating all day. It felt pretty weird. This also happened last time. The previous glow on my face seems to just be grease now, although that might be because it’s warmer out. I’m not sure. My nails are neither breaking nor growing. I think my fingers look smaller, but nobody measures their fingers. The butt space in my jeans seems to be getting more spacious. More space, less butt. This is always my issue with losing weight. Where does my butt go? WHY does my butt go? Soon I’m not going to be able to wear pants because my waist isn’t disappearing as quickly as my butt and that look is just unflattering.

Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs, half avocado, cashew nuts, 2 mini bananas. Those mini bananas are pretty to look at, but are sweeter than I’d prefer.

Lunch: Cafeteria salad with turkey. They don’t usually have turkey on the salad bar, so it was kind of a treat.

Snack: Carrot cup

Dinner: Grilled chicken and beef ribs, cashews, 2 mini bananas.

My goal is to add more veggies to each meal. Apparently I should have 5 cups per day, at least. I’ve been pretty mindless about that the last few days. The good news is that I’ve thought about 2 things I’d like to make this weekend. A whole30fied shepherd’s pie and a porridge with unripe plantains. I’m actually pretty stoked. For some time in the future, I’m thinking about a compliant casserole to make. Hopefully, it will be another original recipe.


2 thoughts on “gas, gas, gas

  1. B says:

    hey boo, thanks a bunch for the recipe. slight problem: no oven. bookmarked nonetheless. any luck with your most recent cauliflower attempt?

    bought avocados because of you the other day. sliced them nicely and everything. lol.

    done reading Ake?

    • lol. avocados are awesome. did you salt them? *heaven*

      i haven’t made the cauliflower rice since the third try, but since you really want to try it, i’ll write you the recipe anyway. perhaps you can tweak it and make it perfect 😉

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