i’ve been slacking

More than once, I’ve opened up a new post and written nothing. What a shame. I don’t know. I don’t feel satisfied with this Whole30. I constantly feel that I’m not doing it right. Last week I had too many bananas. This week I’ve already had too many cashews, and it’s only Monday.

Today I had all sorts of digestion issues, bloating and heartburn and weirdly timed bowel movements. Is that TMI? I was pretty uncomfortable all day, but I thought maybe I’m actually on track with the Whole30 business. I don’t know. Do the rules apply if you’re doing 2 Whole30s pretty much back-to-back?

I conjured 2 panfuls of deliciousness in my kitchen this weekend, though! I didn’t take pictures of the unripe plantain porridge, but I will, once I put more meat in it. Here’s the shepherd’s pie.



You won’t believe how delicious it tasted. I used lamb and veal. The veal was kind of lost in the flavor of the lamb, but it was just right. Any more lamb and it would have been too much. I took some to work (yes, shepherd’s pie for breakfast; I can hear the diet police sirens wailing) and it led to conversation in the kitchen.

Do I hear you asking about the drink?? It’s my Whole30 mojito. Club soda, crushed mint leaves and about half a lime, squeezed, over ice. Shush, I know there’s no ice in the picture. It’s really a delicious drink, though, especially for my zero alcohol friends who read this. Who are also my only friends who know I waste my time on a blog that nobody reads. My non-Whole30 friends also agree that it’s delicious, by the way, so this is totally legit.

I went to the water aerobics class on Saturday!!! That was so much fun. Water must be my element, or something, because I was so happy to just be in the water. Some of the stuff was pretty difficult to do, but it was super fun. We did some stuff to Tina Turner’s “Rolling on the River”. That’s a fast song. Trying to move that quickly with the resistance of the water was pretty challenging but I couldn’t convince myself that I had got a full day’s workout. When I got home I repeated the 10 – 100 workout from the other day. I did it backwards. I’m not sure that it made a difference; I was still panting like a thirsty dog.


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