shorts, cashews and underconfidence around 200

Sooooo I had told myself that I wouldn’t shop until I was a full size smaller. And I don’t wear shorts. But I fit into size 12 shorts today. I had to squish my stomach fat and give myself a muffin top, but that can be fixed with a loose blouse. They made my butt look great, so I bought them in 2 colors. Haha. I told you guys I had lost ass mass, didn’t I? Hopefully the muffin top gets smaller and smaller but I’m going to be rocking these this summer regardless. Maybe I’ll take a pic for you guys. What I really should say is… hopefully I have somewhere to wear this stuff to. This has been the most boring summer ever. Fitting into a 12 certainly made me feel less bad about my weight yo-yoing. This 200 is really dragging me down.

During a meeting at work I made a menu for next week. Yay! It seems like my Whole30 blues are finally coming to an end. I overdid it with cashews again today, but I didn’t have much for dinner. Just a handful of dried (unsweetened) apple slices and some sparkling water. I ate the cashews around 5:30, but I apparently had enough to keep me full 😦

I still haven’t worked out this week. I keep making plans with Work Buddy but something always comes up. Sad face again. Work’s been crazy too. I really need to be better about working out. I’m not anywhere near my 4 times a week goal.


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