back on frittatas

After almost two weeks of breaking down my body with carbs, sugars, and many things I won’t mention, I started my third Whole30 yesterday.

I know that must sound very diet-righteous, and you already know I’m sick of the the diet police. Here’s why I refer to eating less healthy foods as breaking down my body:

In the last 2 weeks, I’ve felt my body deteriorate. Even though I’ve only gained about 2 pounds, there’s no more clear/glowing skin, I look and feel more bulky, I’m constipated and gassy (I’ve had a lot of dairy), I’m pretty much constantly bloated, I’m tired all the time – I wake up tired and I find it more difficult to fall asleep, I’m waking up much later, sugar cravings, mid-afternoon snack cravings, need caffeine for energy.

The good news is all is not lost. My knowledge on food, etc isn’t gone and I’m back on the struggle/journey. I’m trying to listen to my body again, and to eat just enough to get to the next meal. Sometimes this whole thing is so draining, honestly.

Still on the good news, today’s frittata was so delicious (beef, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, curry, thyme). I also worked out today and sorted out the drama with the trainer. I may not have written about that. Well it’s done anyway. AND I signed up at the gym at work. Eek!


this stuff is crack!

Day 15, June 15

Congratulate me on sticking it out for 15 days. Halfway done! I’m reaching around and patting myself on the back.


Breakfast: Frittata with beef, peppers, onions, mixed greens. How sumptuous does that look?

Lunch: Late lunch – snack plate of cauliflower fried rice.

Dinner: Large plate of cauliflower fried rice (guilt free!).


Impressions: I was so worried about how my “fried rice” would turn out, but I, hater of cauliflower, made this deliciousness. I used my regular fried rice recipe, save for the Maggi (MSG) and Lion curry (rice flour), which aren’t Whole30 compliant. Without those ingredients, I was super nervous about how my meal would turn out, but This. Stuff. Is. Crack. I can’t walk by it without dipping a large tablespoon into the bowl and stuffing it in my mouth. For the shrimp, I used my go-to, totally compliant shrimp marinade. It’s really for a shrimp scampi, but I use it for everything. I believe in it about as much as I believe in true love. Veggies in it are cauliflower (duh!), green beans, carrots, green pepper and red pepper. The mixed veggies from the freezer aisle aren’t my thing, so everything is hand chopped.

But this isn’t a blog about food!!!!! I woke up quite sore, especially in my neck and lower back. I suppose it’s all that deadlifting. Otherwise, I went to bed late and stood for most of the day in the kitchen preparing my labour of love meals, so I’m exhausted. This part of the program is kinda boring. I’m in a groove with eating the right things, although the temptation is great; I feel good; I mostly have nothing to report. I told the guy at the gym I’d be in at 6am tomorrow. What was I thinking?! Monday isn’t the day for all that tomfoolery.