downward spiral

I don’t know what to do about it. I’m eating carbs. They make me feel terrible. Heartburn, bloating, constipation, all of it. But I enjoy bread. Especially if it has a nationality or a region attached to it. Like French. Or Agege. Obviously I have no access to agege bread; I’m just being silly.

I was supposed to start another Whole30 past Monday, but it hasn’t worked out. I overdid it on my actual break (chicken and waffles, nutella crepe, hazelnut gelato, delicious wine, double bourbon and ginger ales, tequila shots, my life was actually bloody fun last weekend), and now I just can’t get past it.

Now that I’m back to thinking with my head instead of my stomach, I’ve decided to start again on Sunday. This gives me just about 30 days before my next vacation. Also, I tried on a bridesmaids dress today, and it was just about half an inch too small, so I’m ordering it anyway instead of ordering a size up. The wedding is on October 4, so I need to lose half an inch before then! Oh, dear.