wheel of fat-tune

The magic number is 195.6. The good news is I haven’t gained weight.

I almost cried this morning. Usually I weigh myself multiple times because the floor in my apartment is uneven. First, the scale said 195.6, then it said 194.4, then it said 190.4. I was so disoriented. When I got to work, I went to the gym and the scale there said 198!!! It’s one of those scales that you step on and then move the bars until the middle bar finds balance, and I don’t usually trust those, but that was my tipping point. I was sad until afternoon, and I was sad to eat but I did anyway. After work, I went to my gym and the analog “professional” scale there said 191. I told the trainer to check it 3 times because I thought that was crazy. Although my mood was significantly improved, I wasn’t convinced. I think I would have “felt” 191. On a different note, today’s workout really tired me out. Not sure why. I don’t think it was more difficult than yesterday’s.

When I got home, I found several flat surfaces and the most prevalent weight was 195.6 (other variations were 195.4 and 196), so I’m calling this my weight. The good news is I haven’t gained weight. I don’t feel terrible, perhaps because I spent most of the day feeling quite awful. I lost 3/4 – 1 inch all around. I was surprised that I lost anything in my waist. My body fat loves to hang around there and show itself off.


oh she glows

Day 28, June 28

Post workout meal: 1 avocado. I was going to drink the rest of my almond milk but its useful life was over.

Brunch: Grilled chicken and spare ribs from the only restaurant I know that doesn’t put barbecue sauce on its barbecue.

Dinner: 3 scrambled eggs and 1 roasted plantain; sparkling water with lime slices for a little fancy drink.

Impressions: Yay for working out today. The trainer wanted me to do 15 burpees between each set but I only did 5. Dude is crazy. I didn’t put all my energy into it today, but I think it went ok.

For next week I’m thinking about trying that zucchini spaghetti that people have been talking about. I also bought a few things for my dairy reintroduction. 2 small yoghurts, 1 of those little Haagen-Dazs ice cream cups, and a bit of chocolate. Is it ok that I’m really excited by this? (Yes, it is, spoilsports!) On the 4th, I can’t decide whether to reintroduce gluten grains (bread) or gluten-free grains (rice), but I bought some Kerrygold butter because I think I see white bread in my future. I have a few days to decide. It was only a little difficult not to snack on any of that stuff as I was putting it away.I think I’ll survive until Tuesday.

I was also planning to roast a chicken this week, but I found some rabbit so I thought I’d try that instead. Who knew my regular old grocery store would sell rabbit? I’ve never cooked it before but the entire online foodie world agreed that parsley, bay leaf and sage would be good spice choices. I’m pretty excited about it so I’ll be writing all about that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, my face was bloody glowing today!! I felt like I HAD to complement all that glowsomeness with some eye liner and lip gloss, even though I was only going to the grocery store. How is this even possible with just changes to my food? I don’t know when I’m going to stop being amazed.

a taste of home

Day 21, June 21


Breakfast/pre workout meal: 1 cup homemade cereal, half banana, 2 strawberries, almond milk. (Cereal: hazelnuts, pecans, dried apples, dried coconut)

Post workout meal: half cup cereal, half banana, almond milk

Lunch: Makeshift plantain amala with efo riro. I really felt like amala and I had no unripe plantain, so I mashed my semi-ripe plantain. While it technically came together, It was too sweet, and not starchy enough. Not to be tried again.

Dinner: Real plantain amala with efo riro. Oh delish!


Impressions: Woke up and made some almond milk. It took a little getting used to, being unsweetened and all, but I’m in love with it now. I read a lot of recipes for grainless cereal but all of them called for seeds – hemp seeds or sunflower seeds or chia seeds or all three – and I’m just not into that. I made this to mimic my favorite childhood cereal, and I think I did a darned good job. Self control has been difficult.

I don’t know if my stomach is smaller but I find that I now struggle to finish meals I could easily have finished before, even with salads during the week. Weird. Anyway, apparently the gym got flooded and since the guy just rents the place, he wants to move it to a new place. Today we worked out in the park, which was actually very nice. I think I did a better job than I usually do, plus it was just me and another lady and we both really got some personalized support from the trainer. I felt really good. After my workout I went grocery shopping to make some more efo riro and buy some more unripe plantains. Here’s the plantain amala recipe (no drying the plantain!), and here’s my go-to efo riro recipe. I didn’t have half the stuff, and of course I had to leave out the locust beans. Plus I cooked it in coconut oil, and only seasoned with salt. The crayfish really saved the day, I tell you. Anything tastes authentic once there’s crayfish in it.


the run

Day 17, June 17

Pre workout meal: 6 large strawberries. Something is better than nothing.

Post workout meal: Half avocado, 15 cashews.

Breakfast: Same frittata, but that was the last serving.

Lunch: Large steak and grilled veggie salad. I didn’t know I could enjoy a warm salad.

Dinner: You already know: cauliflower fried rice. Last serving as well 😦

Impressions: I can’t believe I haven’t posted in almost a week! Like the title suggests, I blame it on the run. But let’s run through my day before we get to that.

I got up at 4:55 to get to the gym at 5:30. Does this make me a totally changed person? I didn’t think I could do it. The guy showed up and it was an OK workout. I couldn’t do all the burpees. Burpees are the devil, period. I feel like a got a full body workout though, except maybe abs.

The trainer says to me, “So am I seeing you tomorrow?”

I say, “No, maybe Thursday morning, because I’m going running tonight.”

He says, “OK, but come tomorrow. 5:30.”

I say, “Okay then.”

I mean… who can argue with that? This is what I need. Someone just telling me to show up, not giving me all sorts of options. And there’s a certain power in making an appointment that just makes you go. He brought up the shakes again, though. Now I’m going to tell him I’ve bought a shake so he can stop asking. I suppose I could have just told him I don’t do shakes, but I pick my battles :/

I definitely ate too much at lunch. Although I was already tired from waking up early, I had to have some caffeine after lunch, so I got some unsweetened iced tea (Pure Leaf). Fortunately, I enjoyed unsweetened iced tea prior to this exercise. Is there such a thing as too much salad?

The Run: We ran-walked (with the occasional jog) 3 miles on the streets outside of the office. I have immensely flat feet, so I knew they were going to betray me before we had gone far, but I thought I could deal with the pain later, only stopping when absolutely necessary. We sprinted and power-walked to our 1.5 mile mark; I was a little slower with my walking to give my feet a break, but heart rate was up. Coming back was a different story. We sprinted up the hills and power walked/walked the rest of the way. Because I was dying from my feet as well as from my need for air. My heart rate was through the roof. My buddy was totally supportive, but I just knew I was slowing her down more than she would have liked. Anyway we got back and stretched, and I felt OK. I was on my feet for a few minutes, chatting with a colleague, then I sat down for 5 minutes. When I got up, the pain in my feet was ridiculous. I limped to my car and took off my shoes. Feet were throbbing at the arch and driving home was a chore. By the time I got home, my arches were swollen and painful to the touch. I tried to massage my soles with a lacrosse ball but there was no relief. The pain was mad. The outer sides of my feet were painful too, I suppose because I had stared landing funny during the run to make up for the pain in the arches. I stretched some more at home, had dinner, and went to bed. This was another ordeal. Every time my feet touched each other, I woke up from the pain. This lasted until about 4am, so I sent the trainer a text message and I told him I wasn’t coming in. Finally at about 5, I got a full hour and a half of sleep.

no-show trainer

Day 16, June 16


Breakfast: Yesterday’s frittata.

Lunch: Salad – spring mix + spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, banana. Banana > dressing.

Dinner: Super duper cauliflower fried rice with cashews!!!!! I looked forward to this all day.

Impressions: I just had to post another picture of my dinner. I know I have all these colorful plates from the 90s. This green one is my favorite.

I woke up at 5:30 to go to the gym, got there at 6 and waited… and waited… and waited… ok, I only waited for 10 – 12 minutes lol. Dude didn’t show up. An extra hour of sleep thrown away. His partner called me later to say he had been in the hospital all night with some sort of food poisoning. I had some empathy, but I also thought…that’s the kind of thing I’d say if I forgot my homework was due and skipped class to do it. Anyway we’re meeting tomorrow at 5:30am. I’m so ambitious.

The results of my biometric test came in. I already knew they wouldn’t be good, but I still had a downhearted moment.

I spent some time reading about other people’s Whole30 experiences today, and I’m anxious/sad/worried that I haven’t lost any weight or experienced any of the more apparent advertised benefits. Sometimes I feel that I should look slimmer, based on the way I feel, but obviously the mirror disagrees. I have to say my nails have been growing really well, though, except for the small portion I grated along with the cauliflower yesterday 😉 At their current length, I’d usually have had breakage. I’m happy to have longer nails, but I’d sooner have a slimmer waistline. A work buddy invited me to go running. Huh? I don’t run! We compromised on run-jog-walking, so I’ll be doing that tomorrow after work. The thought of my mid-run panting already embarrasses me.

death by deadlifts

Day 14, June 14


Breakfast: 1/4 boiled plantain, 1 boiled egg, handful of grapes. I know there’s half a plantain on the plate, but it was too sweet and I could only eat 1 piece.

Lunch: None 😦 It was hair and grocery day, and I was lazy. My weekend eating habits are only short of terrible.

Dinner: 1 oven-roasted plantain, 2 scrambled eggs with onions and tomatoes.


Impressions: The fitness evaluation was crazyyyy! Step up and down for 3 minutes, 1 minute of pushups, 1 minute of sit ups, different styles of deadlifting, totaling 100 deadlifts, then run up the stairs twice. It probably took 30 – 40 minutes to get through the whole thing, and I was breathing like a dog. I got out of buying the non-GMO chemicals in a can, but he suggests I look for a brand that doesn’t have soy because it’s important that I follow this meal plan for maximum results. Yeah, ok. Anything where I can’t eat delicious food is a fail, period. I’m supposed to take my “before” photo on Monday. I can’t even imagine what my “after” will look like. The last time I was a definite size 10 was at least 8 or 9 years ago. (I’m a snug 14 now. Yikes!) I feel like 10 is as good as it gets. I can’t even imagine myself slimmer than that.

Other than that, I had a lot of energy today, and I got a lot done. Until the evening. I felt like I was going to pass out. All that hunger. Food is apparently very important for basic survival.