Day 30!!!!!! I’m so nervous about my weigh-in tomorrow. Given how the last 30 days went, I think I’ll be happy if I weigh in at 193 pounds. At 194 I’ll feel ok, but slightly bad. I don’t think I can do any better than that. Ugh. I’ll update you guys tomorrow. I feel like I have a test or job interview and I’m as prepared as I’m going to be but I already know it’s not enough. Since I can’t pray the weight away, I think I’ll just talk about what I ate today.

Breakfast: “Cereal” (chopped hazelnuts and pecans, unsweetened dried apples, unsweetened coconut shreds), banana, almond milk, fruit salad (diced mango, peach, strawberry, papaya). The fruit salad was delicious, but I find that I’m not crazy about fruit. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make fruits less sweet? I just wasn’t feeling it.

Lunch: “Pasta bar” without the pasta or sauce. I guess I could just call it chicken stir fry.

Dinner: Half avocado, plantain porridge. This plantain porridge is amazing. The grocery store only had semi-unripe plantains so I was a little nervous about the starch content but it turned out fine. It’s a tiny little bit sweet, but I don’t mind it. Here’s the recipe I used, and here’s how it came out. I didn’t use any MSG cubes and I added chopped spinach, but otherwise I think I followed it more or less exactly. Aren’t you super excited? When last did I post a picture?


Meanwhile, I went to the gym today, and the trainer scolded me and told me “we have to have a talk” the next time I come in. Yeah, ok. This time last week I was on my way home from work (9:55pm). He doesn’t understand quarter end. I really put my all into it today, though. I had a good time. How weird.


Season 2, Episode 3

It’s been a crazy busy week, and it’s only Tuesday! I started another Whole30 on Sunday, and I made some more of the cauliflower fried rice. (Yes, B, I’ll send you the recipe.) Yesterday and today, I’ve had no breakfast and late lunches. This evening, I was craving chicken drumsticks. Chicken drumsticks??! I think I was just starving. All I had for lunch today was a banana, an overpriced fruit cup and a bunch of cashews. I stopped by the store on the way home and instead of chicken I picked up some turkey drumsticks. I had grand plans of browning and baking them but decided it wasn’t worth the wait. I seasoned and boiled them, and lightly pan fried them in coconut oil.


The entire meal was worth all the meals I’ve missed in the last 3 days. Here’s the daily:

Beakfast: None

Lunch: Banana, fruit cup, cashews

Dinner: Turkey drumstick with fried plantains and cauliflower fried rice

I got a pretty bad headache today, and I felt quite hazy in the afternoon. I couldn’t determine whether it was from hunger or from lack of sugar, per day 3 symptoms. It didn’t really matter which, and I only feel slightly better, a few hours after dinner. 27 days to go. Geez.


i feel happy

Day 22, June 22


Breakfast: 1 cup cereal, 1 banana, almond milk. Here’s a clearer pic of the cereal.

Lunch: Efo riro with 1 boiled ripe plantain

Dinner: Same as breakfast. I couldn’t help myself!

Impressions: I’m still getting full really quickly, so I need to cut down my portions. Plus my mind spent some time telling me I¬†had to have carbs to go with my veggies, so I might lay low on the plantains this week. This is all about my relationship with food, right? What am I going to do with all this plantain I bought, though? I don’t know. I made a new (bigger) batch of efo riro this morning. So delicious. It was nice to have a chill day with nothing serious to do ūüôā I only have 8 days to go! What if I haven’t lost any weight?? *sigh* perhaps it’s a good time to start reading the book. Haha!

a taste of home

Day 21, June 21


Breakfast/pre workout meal: 1 cup homemade cereal, half banana, 2 strawberries, almond milk. (Cereal: hazelnuts, pecans, dried apples, dried coconut)

Post workout meal: half cup cereal, half banana, almond milk

Lunch: Makeshift plantain amala with efo riro. I really felt like amala and I had no unripe plantain, so I mashed my semi-ripe plantain. While it technically came together, It was too sweet, and not starchy enough. Not to be tried again.

Dinner: Real plantain amala with efo riro. Oh delish!


Impressions: Woke up and made some almond milk. It took a little getting used to, being unsweetened and all, but I’m in love with it now. I read a lot of recipes for grainless cereal but all of them called for seeds – hemp seeds or sunflower seeds or chia seeds or all three – and I’m just not into that. I made this to mimic my favorite childhood cereal, and I think I did a darned good job. Self control has been difficult.

I don’t know if my stomach is smaller but I find that I now struggle to finish meals I could easily have finished before, even with salads during the week. Weird. Anyway, apparently the gym got flooded and since the guy just rents the place, he wants to move it to a new place. Today we worked out in the park, which was actually very nice. I think I did a better job than I usually do, plus it was just me and another lady and we both really got some personalized support from the trainer. I felt really good.¬†After my workout I went grocery shopping to make some more efo riro and buy some more unripe plantains. Here’s the plantain amala recipe (no drying the plantain!), and here’s my go-to¬†efo riro recipe. I didn’t have half the stuff, and of course I had to leave out the locust beans. Plus I cooked it in coconut oil, and only seasoned with salt. The crayfish really saved the day, I tell you. Anything tastes authentic once there’s crayfish in it.


lay off the cashews

Day 20, June 20

Breakfast: Yesterday’s frittata

Lunch: Lots of cashews. I was running out of work to get my car fixed and didn’t have time for much else.

Dinner: Efo riro with boiled semi-ripe plantain

Impressions: I like the taste of the semi-ripe plantain. Firmer texture and just a little sweetness to it. I’ll need to put up a picture of the efo later. I don’t think I’ll be buying any cashews this weekend. I really need to lay off.¬†Between yesterday and today, I had so many. In my mind I call it a “good fat”, but now it’s mostly a secret pleasure. I think I’m also done with frittatas.